Some great “Quotes about friendship”

Friendship, A very great saying “Do not walk behind me because I may not be able to lead you. Do not go ahead, I may not be able to follow,  just walk besides me and be my friend.”

God make every relation and also tells us its limitation and all that but it’s the only relation in which man puts his own self directly. A man is incomplete without a friend because a friend is the only one who offers a shoulder to cry, an eye to see, a heart to feel, a relation which is forever fragrant but the base of this relation is

Friendship is the Nobel sentiment, based on purity of feelings, love, consideration and a couple of germs of sympathy. It’s just like a shady tree under which we can rest and gather courage to combat the difficulties of life successfully. It is also like guiding stars which helps us to reach our destinations and to achieve our goals.

Friends are everything in life .A true friend always make you happy .He stands with you in every condition in every storm, in cold and hot.

Now I am going to tell you about the types of friend:

First type of friend in the friendship is a colleague. It’s the beginning to all basics and true friend. This is the person with whom, is only known on a clean, and basic level. The insight to this person’s life, is just an observation from a person’s perception. These are the types of friends that a person may meet in school, at work, local hang outs, or anywhere that is visited often.


Friendship is both good and needed. Man cannot live all unaided. He is a social being. He needs someone to share his pleasures and worries. Generally, it is only the people of the same age, character and background, outlook, etc., who can understand him and understand his problems. Friends are needed for care and for division. Friendship is a solution which is essential for a happy life.

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