Some Lovely Quotes About Happiness (30+ Quotes)

Happiness, actually happiness depends on your thoughts. You are only one for you who make yourself happy. Your thoughts play very major role in your happiness. Good thoughts make you happy and on other hand bad will push you to sadness. So actually I am here to tell you about happiness so it’s good to avoid sadness. So my friends happiness is not measurable profitable nor trade able. The famous quote “Money can’t buy happiness” heard often… because its true. People who have wealth can be unhappy, just as the poor can be living hand to mouth. Possessions can be acquired and lost, and that propagates fear and fear can never, ever,  lead to happiness.

Happiness is revolving around our surroundings. We have to find it.When you learn the trick to find happiness. Your lives become full of happiness. So try to find happiness in your surroundings. Happiness is secret to all beauty there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness. So it mean when you stay happy you become beautiful and attractive and attractive.

Now I tell you 7 step make to stay happy

  • Think less, feel more
  • Laugh less, smile more
  • Talks less , listen more
  • judge less, accept more
  • Watch less, Do more
  • Complain less, appreciate more
  • Fear less, love more

So these are seven steps to stay happy and make your life happy .My suggestion is that you memories all of these and try to implement one by one on you. You feel difference between your past and present. Happiness not comes to those who never appreciate them. Happiness is to  Married with you best friend. so stay happy and make other happy as well. You make other people happy on many ways, like to help out them in critical situation when they need help Happiness is secret of life , on other hand expect less. Because more expectations may be made  you sad on in completion Always say yes to happiness, which mean that you learn to say no to thing and people who stress you out.

It’s Like a Kiss

quotes about happiness

Love and Happiness

quotes of happiness


Its Home Made

Qoutes of happiness

Happiness Is Every Where

Happpiness Qoutes

Spread Happiness

Qoutes about happiness

Happiness is Directionhappiness quotes

Secret to all Beauty

happiness Qoutes

Appreciate Happiness

Qoutes about happiness

It’s like a dam

Qoutes about happiness

Happiness Bring Success

Happiness Qoutes Steps to stay happy

Qoutes about happiness

Success Story about Happiness

Qoutes about happiness

Extreme Happiness

Qoutes about happiness

Conscious Choice

Qoutes about happiness

Happiness and Soul

Qoutes about happiness

Happy Life

Qoutes about happiness

Famous Quote

qoutes about happiness

Happiness Is Habbit

qoutes about happiness

Inside Job

qoutes about happiness


Motivation Happiness

qoutes about happiness


Will power


Avoid lengthy mediation

qoutes about happiness

Stop searching happiness

qoutes about happiness


qoutes about happiness

Sunshine  Brings Happiness

Emptiness and happiness

qoutes about happiness

Positive thinking

qoutes about happiness

You and Happiness

qoutes about happiness

Imperfection and Happiness

qoutes about happiness

Thoughtsqoutes about happiness

Formula of Happinessqoutes about happiness

Growth quote by Peral  S. Buckqoutes about happiness

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