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Wisdom Quotes

Wisdom is a nature control that one gains over a lifetime of experience. It is a possession that is given upon a person, rather than one that the person knows on his or her own. Wisdom joins many other characters, but the condition that it is recognized by people other than the ones keeping it set wisdom apart from other personality traits. Wisdom is a compiling of a life’s experience marked by humbleness, and selfishness.
Wisdom is an idea that is often confused with or wrongly qualified to old age. Not all old people are intelligent, however many are. Equally, not all intelligent people are old. One often hears the saying “wise past years” in position to a young person who displays the characters of wisdom. But, true wisdom is a result of strong life practices. Logically, older peoples have had more experiences from which to draw knowledge, so it is easy to limit sense to old people. But, the key to understanding is the strength of the experience. A young person may have an unexpected experience which teaches him or her a great lesson. Lessons of this type often convert into wisdom.

True wisdom requires all three abilities: self-effacement, love, and selflessness. The skilled person who has one or two of the three abilities, but not very three, cannot be truly intelligent. The skilled person who has all three traits must also have these qualities known by others, slightly than know and title the traits for him or herself. Only the control of experience, humbleness, love, selflessness, and the gratitude of others makes for a really wise person.

It is possible to identify knowledge in short declarations but they will just show a part of truth, as wisdom in the concept very twin. So my friends it’s all about wisdom.

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Quotes of wisdom

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